Support for sports remains a priority

The conclusion of the European Team Cup was framed by the Way Ahead conference at the Nivy hotel.

Following Monday's ceremonial opening at the Primatial Square and three intense days of competition on the renovated surfaces of the Bratislava Kuchajda complex, today's European Team Cup program culminated in the morning sports conference Way Ahead at the Nivy hotel. Several experts discussed the positive impact of sports on the mental and physical health of the public, including the head of the European Commission representation in Slovakia, Vladimír Šucha, and the general director of the legislative-legal section at the Ministry of Science, Research, and Sports of the Slovak Republic, Žaneta Surmajová.

An invitation was also accepted by the Turkish founder and CEO of Fairplay events, Cem Durul, and the president of the European Federation of Small Football, Bulgarian Borislav Alexandrov. Similarly, the development manager of the Slovak Ice Hockey Association, Milan Ladiver, was present. "We consider support for sports to be extremely important. Among other things, it helps us expand the infrastructure itself. It's crucial that young people have places to play sports," declared Peter Králik, the event organizer, at today's conference.

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